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Planning Your Presentation

Plan your presentation based on your completed Nomination Form, complemented by these points below.


  • Streamline your statements as possible. Do a “dry run” and time it.

  • Be yourself:  everyone is eager to hear your passion!


You have 5-7 minutes to present, and 3-5 minutes to answer questions (10 minutes total). Other members knowledgeable may help answer questions. However, only members may participate in the presentation.


Our membership is interested in compelling facts, and a story of the heart.

Presentation Tips

State your name and the organization’s name.


Start with an engaging opening line, e.g. “75% of women in our community are involved in or witnesses a domestic violence dispute within their lifetime!”


State or Read the mission of the organization: what, who, how, why, where

  • What does the organization do?

  • Who does the organization serve [% of ethnic/racial groups, specific populations]?

  • How does the organization accomplish its goals and mission?

  • Why is this organization essential to our community and peoples?

  • Where does the majority of funds come from – what is the operating budget, and how will our contribution help?


What, specifically, would the organization use our money for (Project, Seed monies, etc.), and how will they measure the successes / outcomes?


What impact does the organization make on its recipients’ lives and on our community?


End with a heartfelt statement, short story (if time allows), and /or entreaty to our membership (the “Ask”), and a Thank You.


Smile BIG [with relief!] You did it!

Next Step: Nomination Form
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