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How to Nominate

Nominations are due two weeks prior to the next meeting. Any current member of 100+WWC-ES can nominate one eligible organization per meeting.

Organizations may only receive funding once every two years. Before submitting a nomination, click here to view a list of past recipients. Please verify that the organization has not received funding in the past two years.


Process Summary
  1. Verify that the organization you want to nominate is eligible.

  2. Gather the required information for your nomination.

  3. Review the planning and presenting information so that you will know the kinds of
    questions you will need to ask when you meet with the nonprofit staff.

  4. Fill out the nomination form.

  5. Meet with nonprofit staff to get your nomination form signed and verify that the information you have provided on the form is accurate.

Eligible Organizations

Eligible organizations include any 501.c.3 nonprofit that serves the broader Eugene-Springfield area the meets the following criteria:

  1. The organization is a 501.c.3 local organization (or local chapter), sponsored program, or project under the umbrella of a legal nonprofit.

  2. The organization does not promote political or partisan standings, or religious beliefs, behaviors, or activities.

  3. No portion of 100+WWC-ES Members’ donations will be taken as a fee for fiscal or administrative management by an umbrella, sponsoring agency.

  4. The organization will not use, give, or sell the contact information of 100+WWC-ES members, for any purpose.

Required Information


The following information must be submitted as a part of your nomination packet (no more than one page):

  • Populations served (types, numbers or percentage)

  • What our funds would be specifically used for

  • Annual Budget, estimated or approximate

  • Funding sources 

  • Staffing and volunteer work

Prepare & Nominate


Read the planning and presenting materials prior to nominating a nonprofit.

Presentations: Planning & Presenting
Nominate a Nonprofit
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